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A new Highlander order has been placed with the factory today, for a Canterbury client.


The first Highlander is well underway at Rangiora with a third build delivered this week. The blue powder coating will look pretty sharp with the final paint scheme and the 155hp Big Bore motor is sure to make it snort!


The Mt Hutt hangar at Rangiora Airfield


Mark Kershaw and his team at Mt Hutt Aviation are ready to start two builds in their new Rangiora hangar this week. One will be running a Vz 912 and the other a 915iS. We are pleased to have Mark on board as a Just Aircraft builder.


New orders have been placed with the factory this week, for two Highlanders. Both for South Island clients. The factory reports steady progress through the jigs and a slight easing in the delay for materials.


Extra shipping delays mean the new VZ and a turbo kit, for Hawkes Bay clients, will not arrive in Auckland until late January, 2022. Luckily, the clients have ordered in advance so there should be no build delays. It's essential to plan ahead now, for those wanting power plants, props or kits from anywhere overseas.


Our next container is about to arrive at the Port of Auckland, for delivery to the central North Island. This SuperSTOL will be sporting an Edge Performance engine, with a #293 Kiev Prop.


The factory announce an increase in the lead time, for shipping, to sixteen months now. Also announced are some price increases, as global costs rise. Increasing orders and an unpredictable supply chain for metal and hardware means a slower progression time through the build queue. We are able to quote on all stages of kit supply and build options so don't hesitate to check with us as to what the current costings are.


The shipment has finally arrived! Shipping, Customs and transport delays all add up but we are pleased to have the aircraft in our shed at last. The unpack went very well, with no damage to any goods. All aircraft have now been transhipped around the country, to the various owners and builders. It will be great to see the builds start and progress as we move into the New Year. At this stage, it's more about trucking than flying!


New Vz motors have arrived in from Italy. These will go into the kits, in transit. We've also ordered other engines and a 135hp turbo upgrade kit for a client to upgrade his stock 912ULS. This involves changing out pistons and fitting up the new induction system. Just Aircraft LLC have issued type acceptance certificates for the Vz range and Edge Performance motors.


Steve Noad of Aircraft Logistics Support Limited has supplied a new Rotax 915iS to power the XL on order. The Rotax range of motors certainly provides some good choices for the builder, along with unsurpassed reliability.


The three new Highlander kits, a new SuperSTOL, an XL kit and a completed SuperSTOL are being packed at the factory, ready for a shipping date in mid-August. These aircraft have been a while coming as orders through the factory have increased this year and production delays have occurred due to the difficulty in obtaining some components and the shear volume of work required to complete aircraft in the 'forty odd' production queue ahead. Lead times, for future orders, have now been extended to twelve months.


Confirmed orders for a Highlander and a SuperSTOL have been placed with the factory. The SuperSTOL (which will be running a Big Bore Rotax) will be here in the Spring and the Highlander around Christmas, all things going well.


The Hastings SuperSTOL build is well underway with the fuselage prepared and painted and the wings on the build table. The kit was well packed, complete and had a fast transfer through the Port.


The first of the 2021 shipments (SuperSTOL) is due into Napier on Monday 21st June. We have recently changed shipping companies and have been very pleased with the service received on this consignment. Global container shipping is difficult, at the moment, but services from the USA seem to be a bit better than most others.


We have two more Rotax 912ULS motors, with the 135hp turbo upgrades, due to ship from Italy next week. Lead time for these two was less than a month so that's a very speedy service from the Italian company.


I just found this video of Grant's maiden flight in ZK-DJG, from the Totara Valley strip. No flaps and plenty of airspeed!

First Take Off


The first Vz Power135hp Rotax 912ULS has arrived in from Italy today. It was very well packed and arrived in brand new condition. The engineering looks first rate and we are excited to see the benefits of this simple engine upgrade. We have additional motors due to be ordered in the coming weeks. Our thanks go to Leandro and his team for a motor that has proven perfomance gains at a realistic price point.


The factory advise they are due to ship the first of the new batch of aircraft we have on order. They have experienced some supply problems with limited amounts of 4130 chrome moly tubing coming in from Germany. They have a huge number of aircraft kits on order and the factory is working to capacity, given the delay in some components, to keep the flow going. We expect the SuperSTOL, bound for the Hawkes Bay, to be packed and ready to go in about two weeks. The remaining five aircraft, (three Highlanders and two SuperSTOLs) which will come in sequential serial numbers, will be an early winter arrival in NZ.


Vz Power, in Italy, have appointed us as New Zealand dealers for the Vz range of engines and kits. Our first 135 hp motor is due to ship any day and we are looking forward to seeing this engine installed and just what the horsepower boost can do for the Highlander. The Italian company has been fantastic to deal with and have met all production targets. We look forward to a long and successful association with the company.


We are pleased to advise we have four more aircraft on order from the States. Lead time is about 20 weeks but the factory are flat out to keep to that, just now. So that's another SuperSTOL and three Highlanders coming our way in the Autumn.


We've just confirmed a second SuperSTOL, this time for a West Coast client. Destined to have a Big Bore motor fitted, this one will be a fun project to watch develop.


Pukaki line up, at Nev's place.

CVV about to head across the Tasman.


Don's got his colours on and the XL is looking pretty sharp on the home strip.


A new Kiev prop has just arrived in for a Wanaka client. Shipping was by UPS, to get a good rate but it took nearly six weeks to get here, as global shipping is an absolute nightmare. Incidently, we got some stuff in via DHL in five days so it maybe worth the extra cost, if the item is urgent.


We have a new SuperSTOL underway for a North Island customer. The factory advise the current lead time is 18 weeks until ready to ship. Sea freight is another 4 weeks and Customs and road freight at each end can add another two weeks or so ! Looks like an Autumn build.

Its worth noting, that due to some restrictions, the factory only have limited spaces available for new aircraft orders. Now's the time to get in the queue!


Check out the turbo'd Rotax 912 option available for the SuperSTOL here

The company has several power options. A 80hp Rotax ULS with the kit complete, or just the turbo kit. A 100hp Rotax 912ULS complete with new pistons fitted and the turbo kit fitted, ready to go or the supply of the individual parts to upgrade your motor. Give John or Grant a ring for a price including freight. This is a compeditive horsepower option!


Don's plane first flew on September 9th, 2018. Grant described it like strapping one's self to a rocket and lighting the fuze! The commissioning and ten hour test flight programme went very well and the only issue was a throttle position sensor that needed to be changed. The throttle body has two connections so flying was not interupted, while a new throttle body was sent out from Belgium. 180hp, simply awesome!


Check this out ...

Just 103 Solo


Paddy McDonnell has finished a very nice covering job on ZK-DJG and she's now ready for paint. The Superflite sytem is on the way from the States and she should look pretty fine in White with Red and Black accents.


Brian Taylor, at Whangarei, has just finished the ten hour test flight schedule for ZK-ZOE. Built by Brian for Graham Metge and John Findlayson, it is Rotax 912 ULS powered and has the wing aileron slat mods. Brian tells me they will be looking for some real tyres in the near future. Well done boys, she looks great !


AD section added in the side bar. Please check from time to time as well as the manufacturer's site and your local CAA site.


Wow, I'm so impressed with this kit. Everything was beautifully packed, with no damage. All the bits are well labelled and correspond with the documentation. Assembly is pretty straightforward, with final fitting and cleaning up of welded surfaces and joints being all that's required to fit the parts.


We have unloaded the container today, at Timaru Airport and unpacked the new XL kit for our client. The UL 520i engine is here as well. Grant will build this aircraft in the shed and we are looking forward to seeing it take shape.


Just Aircraft NZ Ltd have been appointed New Zealand agents for the Kiev range of propellors. We currently have them installed on our range of SuperSTOL and Highlander aircraft as well as on Grant's S6ESII. They offer significant mounted weight reductions and innovative blade design, providing a significant increase in static thrust which is demonstrated in improved aircraft performance.

Talk to us now about the model for your aircraft. Pricing is in US dollars so we'll need to do a quote for you.


Check out this YouTube video on the 120hp turbo'd 912UL in a SuperStol.


Hoody and I caught up with Rod Milne (ZK-RIM) on our recent delivery flight of ZK-KTF, to the Taupo area. He's clocking up the hours and he reports his aircraft is performing very well. He showed us a few tricks, and we have to agree !! He will take over the rating training for Tony Fullerton-Smith in the SuperSTOL.


Check out the turbo'd Rotax 912 option available for the SuperSTOL here


Just Aircraft tell us that the new XL is ready for shipping ! Check out this article, by Meg Godlewski of General Aviation News.


Alan Ronk (in Western Oz) has his SuperStol flying again, after a couple of modifications. It sounds like its getting plenty of use !


We've paid the deposit on a new SuperStol XL for a North Island client today. It will be another 'first of type' in New Zealand.


Byron Phillips and Grant Goodland are celebrating the first flight of their new, 912 powered, SuperSTOL (ZK-KAB), in the capable hands of Evan Bellworthy. Well done boys ! Now the real fun starts !


John and I are continuing to prepare quotes for aircraft both here and in Australia. The $US rate has effected the final flying price by adding additional cost but the aircraft still offer real value when compared to others in the class.

We are hopeful of seeing additional machines coming into NZ soon.


The test flying has been completed in NJC and Neville is well through flight training ! The plane is going really well and performs beyond expectations.


Bobby Muller is in the air in Aussie. Mark has made a beautiful job of VH-LTL and Bob is really happy.


ZK-JKO is now back in the hands of John Ross at Wanaka and Grant is conducting John's flight training and rating issue over the next few weeks.


Mark Radford in Caloundra reports that Bob Muller's SuperStol (Rotax 914 supplied by Steve) is getting close to being finished. Final assembly and rigging will occur over the next week or two and she'll be ready for flight permit issue. Bob is due back in NZ for more training over the next week or two and then he'll be ready for the round Australia safari in 2016 !


Craig Miller has finished SuperStol ZK-NJC (Rotax 914 supplied by Steve), at Tairei. He has made an outstanding job of our first commercial NZ build and we'll be offering NZ clients Craig's services in the future. If the wind ever stops blowing, John and Grant will get down for the intial engine start and Grant will conduct the first part of the test flying programme. Then, she'll be bound for Timaru and, after completion of the ten hours test flying, delivered to Neville Cunningham. Neville's rating and certificate upgrade will be conducted over the next few weeks by Grant, in South Canterbury.


John Ross has finished ZK-JKO in Wanaka and CAA have issued the flight permit. Grant has completed the ten hours endurance flight testing, both in Wanaka and South Canterbury. The aircraft has flown exceptionally well with only minor adjustments to the rigging required and a repitch of the prop. Grant reports that the performance from the Rotax 912ULS (supplied by Steve Noad at Rangiora) with a 75" Kiev prop, pitched for climb is outstanding. 1500'/minute is easliy obtained however, after the initial run-in period we'll add a bit of pitch to improve the cruise speed. Well done John, she's a beauty !


Both NJC and JKO are due for CAA flight permitiing this week. It will be a busy time with the test flying programme and resolving any issues detected.



Craig Miller, from Custom Aviation at Tairei, reports good progress on Neville Cunningham's SuperSTOL. Instruments have been ordered and the engine installation is well underway.


ZK-CVV on a mission to Aspiring.

The photo ship.


Announcement on the new 180hp XL version


Test flying completed and the aircraft is now with it's new owner, at Bridge Pa.


Peter Gill from CAA is booked to do the permit inspection for ZK-PSK


ZK-CVV has clocked over 50 hours since delivery, being seen all around South Westland and Fiordland as well as the top of the South Island.


The container has arrived. Two kits have been reackaged and sent off to Mark Radford in Caloundra and two have been sent down to Craig Miller at Tairei, for construction. We have ZK-PSK to assemble, permit and test fly for Chris Pask and the other kit has been sent ot Ken McKinnon in Hastings. It's been a busy few weeks with parts being dispatched to a number of builders as well.


The next container, a 40'er is on the way from South Carolina to Timaru, with the arrival scheduled for January 31st, 2015. The contents will increase the NZ flying SuperSTOL's to four with Chris Pask's ZK-PSK on board.


ZK-CVV's inspection was completed today. Thanks to CAA's Peter Gill for fitting this in at such short notice.


ZK-CVV on her way to Wanaka and the CAA permit inspection.


Steve Noad of Aircraft Logistics Support Limited has supplied our third Rotax engine. The latest, a 914 for Bob Muller in Brisbane. The motor has arrived at Mark Radford's Calounda Base ready for the build in the New Year.


Assembly of John Kokshoorn's ZK-CVV is well underway. The permit inspection is due on Thursday 18th, so we have plenty to do over the next couple of days. John's SuperSTOL will live at Wanaka.


Just Aircraft USA advise the next 40' container will arrive at our hangar, in Timaru, on January 31st, 2015. The contents include a US factory built SuperSTOL, a kit for a NZ client, another to be built here for a South Canterbury client and a kit that will go to Mark Radford in Caloundra.


Our 20' container has arrived at Port Chalmers today and is due to be shipped to the Timaru Hangar. Contents are a factory built SuperSTOL for a Wanaka client and John Hood's SuperSTOL.


Just Aircraft NZ Limited has joined with Mark Radford at AMS in Caloundra to offer Australian buyers and builders support in Aussie. Mark will complete builds and repairs on our behalf, and will advise on the best options for Aussie bush pilots.


Steve Node (Aircraft Logistics Support Ltd) has supplied our first Rotax 914 engine this week. The price was very compedititive and the engine only took a day or so to arrive. If you need an engine price, call Grant or John.


Check these photos out, of Steve Henry's SuperStol, taken at Oshkosh by Belite Aircraft in Kansas.

You can see why NZ and Aussie bush pilots are loving this plane !


A new SuperStol kit has been ordered for a South Canterbury client and this will be the first built in NZ by our contract aircraft facility. The kit is expected to ship from the States in mid-September with several other aircraft, both kits and US built planes. It will be a busy time for us with the arrival, commissioning and distribution of these planes during the Spring.


Troy Woodland was recognised for his contribution to aviation design, at Oshkosh this week.

Here's the link


Just Aircraft NZ Ltd have now entered into a contract for the construction of Just Aircraft kits by a NZ aircraft builder, based in the South Island. Aircraft will be built under our company's supervision and to our specifications and we are excited to be able to offer this service to our clients. More details to follow.


Just Aircraft LLC have announced an $US8000 price increase for the factory-built SuperStol. The price rise will take effect for US builds from 28/07/2014.


Just Aircraft NZ Limited have formed an alliance with Aircraft Logistics Support Limited, based at Rangiora airfield, an authorised supplier of Rotax engines and parts. John and Grant recommend the Rotax 912 and 914 powerplants for the Just Aircraft range of planes and they have joined with Steve Noad to pass on to their clients, the best purchasing rates for the engines that they can. Steve is also able to price instruments and avionics for us so give John or Grant a call and we'll help sharpen up Steve's pencil a bit ! If you are doing the sums on a Just Aircraft Highlander or SuperStol, call us to price up your options.


25/05/2014 article


A good number of enquiries are coming in from Australia, especially for the Highlander, which is particularly suited to the type of bush flying the Aussies do. The ability to lift a good sized payload, short rough strip performance and a reasonable cross country speed mean the plane suits most of their country flying. A factory-built SuperStol is ready to be shipped to the Perth area and a Highlander kit is underway for NSW.


AOPA Article on the SuperStol


SuperStol at MAUW with a Catto Prop


Test Flying the SuperStol


Just Aircraft have confirmed the following new price structure. Escapade Kits - $US 23800.00, Highlander Kits - $US 26800.00 and SuperStol Kits - $US 39800.00.

Orders, with deposits paid before February 1st, will be at the old prices.

Rotax have also advised of price increases for their range of engines. We expect details soon.


SuperStol, # 272 (Rotax 914) has taken to the air at Timaru this morning. What a beautiful plane to fly! She behaved perfectly with solid and predictable flight characteristics. Ground handling is superb, climb out is breathtaking and the landing is simply delightful. It will take a few hours to confidently explore the slow-flight part of the envelope but the handling so far inspires confidence. John and Grant phoned Troy, in the States, to congratulate him on another great plane !

Grant stopped of at Rangitata Island to check under the cowls, after the first hour of flight.


CAA's Airworthiness Inspector, Gary Leach, has issued the flight permit for ZK-RIM today.


Just Aircraft, in the United States, have just advised a new pricing regime. As from 15/01/2014 they will now offer a complete factor-built SuperStol aircraft, 912 ULS powered, Extreme Matco dual caliper brakes, cabin heater, 29" Alaskan Airstreak bush tyres, a basic instrument package, powder coating and two colour paint work for $US120000.00. Additional accessories or individual customisations and upgrades (eg. Rotax 914) are available and will be priced separately. The idea is to streamline factory production by producing one basic SuperStol model, at a fixed price with add-ons as required.

The huge number of orders flowing in have meant a more 'assembly-line' approach is required to speed up aircraft build times. Troy advises that currently, two and a half airframes are going through the welding shop each week.

A factory-built SuperStol ordered today will have a delivery date in August 2014.

In NZ, we can report a steady stream of inquiries and quotes being prepared, as well as our first contacts from Australia.


Just Aircraft, USA have announced that the price rise for kits and accessories has been delayed until 15/01/2014.


Have a Look at This !!

Also, check out the Just Aircraft section of the Wings Forum (click the link in the sidebar) for the latest tips and gossip on Just Aircraft stuff.


ZK-MLT will spend the summer based in Wanaka, with John Kokshoorn. John's new factory-built SuperStol is due to arrive in New Zealand in early 2014.


The 40' container was unloaded at Timaru airfield today. Contents included two kitset SuperStol aircraft, a Highlander kit and one factory-built SuperStol, ZK-RIM.

More Photos


Just Aircraft, in the States, have announced that the Highlander and Escapade base kits will increase in price by $US3000.00 on 1/1/2014. They have also advised small increases in some accessories. Orders, with deposits paid before 1/1/2014, will be at the current price.


A new factory-built SuperStol aircraft, a Highlander kit and two new SuperStol kits are scheduled to arrive at the Port of Lyttelton on November 29th, for NZ clients. A extensive advertising feature will be in the New Year Edition of KiwiFlyer magazine to celebrate the landing !


Aviator Magazine Article


AOPA Article


John and Grant with ZK-MLT on a South Island backcountry strip.


NZCivAir Blog


Stuff Article on ZK-MLT


Canterbury Recreational Aircraft Club Newsletter

Harry Berndt (Just Aircraft USA Partner and Business Manager) and John at the hangar


NZCivAir Blog


Wings Forum Chat regarding ZK-MLT


Kits arriving at our hangar in South Canterbury

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